Cortisol coursing through their veins, more and more women are moving into "warrior mode" as they arrive at the workplace, according to the Evening Standard. But is this really an effective way to break through a glass ceiling? William Golding famously stated that he thought women foolish to pretend they are equal to men, as in his view they are far superior and always have been. So is it wisdom to play men at their own game? Certainly the collective VAGINA (Very Angry Girls in New York Media Associations) think so. Dr Sinclair, we are told, thinks not, in the thought provoking "The Little ACT Workbook". He recommends taking a step back from negative thoughts and accepting the discomfort at work as no one can have satisfaction without it. Those working for President Obama certainly seem to have found success in a more positive mode. Whatever approach is favoured though, one thing is for sure. It is now over 40 years since the original Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 and we are still found wanting as a society addressing the issue of a glass ceiling many find all too real. For now the answer may well remain in equality legislation and the words of lawyers but how much more successful would many businesses be if they chose all their warriors more wisely - and took the real fight to their competitors?