VR is nothing new and the technology has been available to the public for a while now. 

However, today, Oculus (a startup bought by Facebook a couple of years ago) released their hotly anticipated Rift headset in the UK and many have heralded this as VR coming into the mainstream. 

No longer confined to use by the perceived nerdy developers in darkened basements, it is suggested that VR will be making its "presence" felt in all facets of the real world before you have time to say "Mr Anderson...." in a scary AI voice. 

This will most likely include a myriad of functions in the workplace from training simulators, to actual (or is it virtual?! - this is confusing already!) interactions with clients, customers or colleagues in VR platforms, to spaces where content and work product can be developed. All intriguing stuff that will either be very exciting or frightening depending on how you deal with change. 

In any event though, one thing will not change - in VR your avatars will still be you, the controlling human, and the general swathe of rules and procedures of the real world about how you should conduct yourself when at work will still apply (and likely new rules as well to deal with the disruptive technology). 

So remember kids, it's not Grand Theft Auto and you can't deal with problem customers by giving them a virtual beating!