To some, playing and studying golf at school is the idea of heaven - but to others, less so. Either way, the Golf Schools associated with Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke and longstanding team member Lee Westwood have come into the public eye after both golfers severed links with the schools bearing their names . The Lee Westwood school has been hit by allegations that pupils did not get paid after working at golf events. As an employment lawyer this raises alarm bells - but of course we do not know all of the facts. The issue will need to be litigated in the courts unless the parties can reach a settlement.

In the meantime, one other issue concerns the regulation of such fee-paying schools. It has been alleged that the Lee Westwood school received state funds to teach a national qualification - however, the school is not subject to review by either the Department for Education or Ofsted. No doubt the status and regulation of such schools will be closely examined and time will tell whether any changes need to be made. 

Now, back to the golf. Come on Europe!!