Every man and woman and their dog (well, in the legal and Startup world anyhow) will be talking about the Uber employment tribunal judgment when it's released. It's not yet clear when it will be released, but it is expected soon.

There are enough articles out there talking about the issues - are Uber drivers self-employed or otherwise etc - and so there's no need to rehash those here. 

One key point though is around whether the judgment, if it is in the drivers' favour and finds they are employed by Uber, will destroy the gig economy model. Such a judgment would be sure to have a sizeable impact on Uber, as any current contracts would have to be reviewed and likely terminated if they did not provide the flexibility expected by the tribunal for self-employed status, with any due payments and possible settlement packages provided. 

However, that need only be an initial cost, because in light of what the judgment says, Uber (and any other sharing platform providers taking note) could re-hire the same or other individuals on contractor agreements which provide the required flexibility. 

So, if they have a big enough fleet of very flexible drivers to meet demand, going forward they could likely keep (more or less) their current model.

Or they could appeal the decision if it goes against them, which is probably more likely...