How Generation X suffers. Just as we should be looking back at our youth through rose tinted specs we find we were wearing them at the time and that they are now smashed. Perhaps the most oblique "casualty" of Savile induced horror seemed to be Tony Blackburn - against whom no charges were ever brought and whose real crime seemed to be a refusal to dignify with a response the unsubstantiated allegations made against him (the person who made them had withdrawn them some time ago). Taken off air by the BBC in February, the decision looked set to lead to law suits. But was the BBC really entitled to terminate Tony because of criticism (of the BBC itself as it happens) in an external report?  Employers are often surprised to learn they cannot safely rely only upon a police investigation or, as here, a third party report as a substitute for their own investigation. Often different burdens of proof apply and employers who choose to rely on such reports do so at their own peril.  In this case it seems common sense has prevailed on all sides and Tony is due to return to the air.  It's a small victory for Generation X and our youth but for those who were there I would say that deserves a big "wuff wuff" from Arnold.