Last week, Theresa May published an open letter to EU citizens living in the UK reinforcing her message that citizens’ rights are her ‘first priority’, reassuring those living lawfully in the UK that they will be able to stay after Brexit.  She announced a low-cost streamlined digital process for those applying for settled status  with simple, transparent criteria in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement.   She also confirmed that EU citizens will not have to account for every trip in and out of the UK, nor demonstrate Comprehensive Sickness Insurance, as currently.  For those already holding Permanent Residency, a simple process will be put in place for swapping their current status for UK settled status.   The Prime Minister believes that she and her EU counterparts are in ‘touching distance of an agreement’ and is confident that an agreement can be reached in the coming weeks.   Her letter is clearly intended to silence her critics and provide reassurance to those who, she acknowledged, are ‘anxious’ about what Brexit means for their futures. Whether she has succeeded in this aim remains debatable.  

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