The Home Office has provided clarification on the post-Brexit immigration status of EU nationals. Those who on 29 March 2019 have been living in the UK for at least 5 continuous years can apply for settled status, under a new "Settled Status System", allowing them to stay free of restrictions.  

However, EU nationals who have been residing in the UK as a ‘qualifying person’ (usually by working and/or studying here) continuously for at least five years will already have permanent residence status in the UK and can apply for a document certifying this. Our view continues to be that anyone who already qualifies for a permanent residence document should apply for one now to protect their immigration status. They will then be able to 'upgrade' their permanent residence document free of charge to a settled status document in due course. It makes sense to get ahead of the game, rather than waiting to apply for settled status alongside the millions of other EU nationals in the UK when the time comes.  It is also worth bearing in mind that the government has suggested that once the settled status route opens (now expected to be late 2018), EU nationals will no longer be able to apply for permanent residence status and so it is important to act now!

See our blog for further information. 

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